As a youthful baseball/softball player in my teenagers and 20’s I built up a straightforward exercise that drastically expanded my hand speed, my capacity to get my glove where it should have been in a split second, any my eye-speed when the ball was coming my way at fast. doug hand

This may sound insane yet I promise it has exactly the intended effect. It’s worked for me for a long time and still works for me today.

Put your glove on and locate a solid divider with cement on the ground before the divider. Take a golf ball and gradually start to toss it against the solid divider (at moderate rates to begin) and catch it in the webbing of your glove.

To handle grounders ricochet the golf ball off the divider to where it at that point hits the solid on the ground before the divider and returns to you. To handle fly balls bob the golf ball off the solid on the ground before the divider first.

Begin gradually and increment the speed with which you toss the golf ball in augmentations. The ball will fall off the divider at unbelievable speeds once you develop your aptitude in getting it.

This drill works extraordinary for a few reasons:

  • The ball is little and once you work on handling such a little ball a baseball or softball resembles an expansive inflatable coming at you and makes it less demanding to get with your eyes and glove.
  • The ball will come at you at mind blowing speeds and once you increment your response time to get it at high speeds a baseball or softball will resemble it’s in moderate movement when it’s hit to you.
  • Catching a golf ball at high speeds drastically builds your deftness and makes it a lot less demanding to get a baseball or softball.

Try different things with this straightforward drill and you will be flabbergasted at how well and how quick it builds your expertise level.

Doug Allan Dammeier lives in Washington state and is an honor winning essayist. He likewise plays more than 90 senior softball games a year at 60 years old on a world class voyaging group in the Pacific NW. He is an affirmed games official in baseball, softball, volleyball, and b-ball.